Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome to Walking Wellness

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Just to start off, I want to put forth what I am trying to do here. I started seriously walking several years ago during a brief period of unemployment when it seemed that depression was setting in, and I could not clear my head enough to think through what my next options were. Since the weather here is usually good (living in the Southern United States), I would go to a local park with a walking track surrounded by many live oak trees and plenty of hibiscus, bougainvillaeas, as well as many bird species and plenty of (ready all dogs?) SQUIRRELS. I found that after about 5 minutes of focus on problems, my mind began to free associate on many topics, and most importantly, my attitude took a 180 degree turn for the better.

Here I would like to share various posts on clothes, shoes, nutrition, and equipment ( music players, music) that make this a most healthy endeavor. I welcome your input through comments and suggestions for further posts. Especially, I would like to hear about various locations around the world that enhance the walking experience. I will try to keep each post fairly short to avoid the deadly TL;DR comment. Let me know what you think!!

Throughout this blog you will see advertisements from These are by choice. Since I work in customer service each day with a major retailer (15 to 20 miles a day walking on concrete floors), I have become acutely aware of the value of good customer service, and thus can strongly recommend as I have had the best service and follow up from them on all purchased items.
Drew Park -- my first and favorite walking park